Spot UV Embellishing and Digital Foiling

Spot UV Embellishing

We are excited to offer spot UV embellishing. One of the latest cost-effective innovations in print to add WOW to your print jobs is Spot UV. Embellishing can make your print job jump right off the page. For less than you would think, we can make your business card/postcard/report covers stand out from the crowd. If embellishing is not enough, try adding foiling to your job without the need of a costly engraving. Once your client sees the finished results, you will have them thinking how they can use it again. Call us for a free sample pack today. We can even personalize the package if you send us your logo.


In many cases costly engraving dies can be a thing of the past. We now offer digital adhered foils (actual foil not digital toner) in 8 different colours: gold, rose gold, silver, holographic silver, blue, red, green, clear gloss. A few things you need to consider, use coated sheet of soft touch laminating and allow for slight registration variation.

Embellishing Tips and Tricks

  • For best results we use coated cover, 12 pt. board or thicker
  • Great results can be found using soft touch laminate
  • Embellishing over solids works the best to really make it pop try blind embellishing
  • We suggest staying away from large bleeds, preferably avoid bleeding the embellished area all together
  • Cut in small lifts business card cutter. We also offer trimming.
  • Typical embellishing thickness is 40 microns but for the right image we can take that up to 120 microns. In your file we will require a separate layer for the area you want to embellished.

We use a 10-point registration system on every single sheet for accurate registration throughout the entire run.

Download our templates here for best results:

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